Wednesday, August 2, 2006

No Real New Developments

On Monday, I went to see Dr. Tingle, it was an awesome session. It is so nice to have someone who understands my reasons for leaving Kyra and Riley with their dads. Unlike my family, she doesn’t think I am selfish and self-serving. She agrees with dad about writing letters to try to explain why I left them and why I don’t keep in better contact. So I wrote two letters and we will go over them again next session, then I will send them. This is kind of scary, but it will be so good to know they will, at the very least, have something of an understanding of why. They will at least know I loved them and wish I could be better.

We also talked about my temper issues and better ways to control myself, instead of trying to control situations and other people involved. I’ve always realized that I need to control me and not everything (one) else around me. She suggested an Anger Management group to go to, so tonight I have an information session. I think it would be awesome to get this under “control” before I leave, it will make the transition so much easier. It will also make me a nicer, more pleasant person to be around.

New Subject: My job is still going well, but I’ve been slacking a little and it was noticed. So I have to get back to focusing better and working at work. I’m still ahead of the game though, so I think I’m still good to go about my contract being extended until I leave, provided there is enough work to keep me busy.

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