Tuesday, October 2, 2007

An Interview with Me!!

my name: Sherrilyn (Rylinn) Bunnage Carmichael
four words: Awesome! Musical! Organized! Intelligent!
state/city: Los Angeles, CA
favorite boy name: Riley David
favorite girl name: Kyra Janae
occupation: Administrative Assistant
something found in your kitchen: Cleaning Supplies
something you shout: Awesome!
something you look for in a guy: Honesty and Loyalty
something that is in your room: Yummy Smelling Candles
place to shop at: Restoration Hardware
name a band/artist: i and the universe / Parker Case

Right This Second –
I’m excited about: going home for the day
My Eyes are: are tired
I’m hoping: to get some sleep
I’m wearing: black and dark gray stripes
I taste: coconut and chocolate
I’m a little sad because: I’m still at work!

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