Friday, May 29, 2009

Happiness List for Emily ...

This list is for Emily, my friend who asks very little of me.
She is a great person and I'm so glad I know her ....
The TEN things I love …..
Music– All kinds and ways of expressing song. Playing and singing Music.
My family– All of them! Parents, siblings, kids, and the like. They challenge and love me throughout it all!
Reading and Movies – Fictional novels are my favorite, but reading in general gets my thoughts and creative juices going. Movies are great – getting lost in another world for a few hours can really make me appreciate my own OR spark ideas to make mine better.
My BED – especially with freshly washed sheets and fluffed pillows, duvet and feather covers. There’s something about being cocooned in feathers that makes sleeping joyful!
Butterflies – All kinds, especially the African Hairstreak, ‘cause it’s purple! They remind me of the transformation and freedom of life.
Purple – Anything purple, including a really great, dark purple bruise. It says you did something to accomplish that color!
The Gospel – It is amazing and helps me every day! I am so blessed to have been born into a family under the covenant.
My Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies – All buttery and dark brown sugary goodness! I just made some yesterday as a treat for joining a gym. Maybe a little self-sabotaging, but I’m worth it!
The Satisfaction of a Clean Room – I love the feel and smell of cleanliness. It just feels right!
My Friends – They are so good to me and for me. Whenever I need a sounding board, there they are. When I need to have some fun, they accommodate. Whenever I need anything, I can just ask! I am very grateful for them!

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