Sunday, June 28, 2009

Week I Was Born Means ....

You are a champion of the underdog.
You despise intolerance and unfair treatment in any form.
You dislike people who pretend to be something they are not and often ‘poke holes’ in other people’s balloons.
You have a low self image and you have bursts of anger that usually do not last long.
You are a resourceful individual and rarely at loss for new ideas.
You are your own worse enemy.
You love activity and movement.
You are easily affected by what others say and do and a wrong look could easily ruin your whole day.
You are abundant in humor, irony, and wit.
You like to make plans for the future.
You crave love and are extremely affectionate but are rarely able to find the right person.
You are not easily satisfied and often bored; you have a great need for attention.
Strengths: Lively – Inventive – Affectionate
Weaknesses: Irritated – Vulnerable – Needy

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