Monday, August 21, 2006

Oh My Goodness ... What Craziness

Good Morning,

To say I'm exhausted is an absolute understatement.

Friday night, I finally got to sleep at 5:30am'ish and was awake at 8:44am. Carla and James, who live downstairs, had a yard sale. I put in my Vacuum Cleaner and my Black night side shelve and got $55.00, not bad! ! ! Then in the afternoon, Christine and I spent a few hours with Kyra. I hadn't seen her since Brody's blessing in April 2005. It wasn't as uncomfortable as I expected. I finally told her I was moving and she was so quiet in her reaction. She said she wasn't angry, just really sad that I was leaving Calgary. She asked if she could come visit me, I said she would have to wait until she was 16 yrs. and then her Dad and I would talk about it. We went for lunch and went shopping a little at Market Mall. I bought her a shirt from Old Navy and Christine bought her a diary. I think she had fun, I know I did.

After we took her home, Christine told me she couldn't be my Escort at the Temple. Apparently, she had told me in our conversation on Monday night, but I thought she had changed her mind on Tuesday morning when she called me back at 7:30am. Anyway, I'm going to ask Jeanette if she will, I really wanted her in the first place but didn't want to insult Christine.

My sister has caused me more problems than anyone else involved in this. First, she couldn't come when had it planned so I was going to change the date, then she changes her mind about that, except now she wants me to change the time to accommodate her. You would think that this event would be important enough that she would work around me and not the other way around. Oh well, at this point who ever shows up, I'll be happy, Joel is still going to drive me down if I want. I'm calling Jeanette this morning to see what her plans are because I think she is going down on Friday and staying in Lethbridge. That would make everything much easier - the trip in the morning would be a lot shorter and I could go at 10:30am - accommodating Christine's plans. Speaking of which, last night I went to see President Miller and had our little chat and I'm good to go - both signatures. My home teacher and his wife (Jon and Dana Adams) took me up to the Stake Center. I've always really liked Dana, she and I can relate to each other and that is always nice. Also, I sang "Oh, My Father" in Relief Society for Karen Raymer's lesson, about Eternal Marriages. It went surprisingly well, considering I perfected it after sacrament meeting. I shook so bad by the end of the song, I could barely stand. I managed to keep my composure at the end of the 3rd verse - "I've a mother there". I'm so happy we made the last verse the key change, I can compose my self better in the higher ranges.

The last few weeks have been such a roller coaster ride - up and down, back and forward.

Yesterday morning, while getting ready for church, I was self - talking myself out of going to the interview, let alone my temple date. I almost had I myself convinced that life would be easier without the Lord in my life. I should correct myself here and say - Satan almost had me convinced. I really need to stop owning what he says in my head as mine - it is not mine. It’s hard to know and decipher what’s mine and what isn’t, because it’s all in my head and he wants me so bad.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

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