Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm trying so hard .....

..... to keep up with writing every day (or other day), but it's so hard without my own computer.

I'm not doing very well on the missionary schedule, which I haven't even started yet. This morning I got up at 6:30am and got to work at 8:00am -- a whole 1/2 an hour early. It's better than getting there at 8:25am like usual (I start at 8:30am). It was nice to have a few minutes to myself before taking the phone off night ring and starting my so-called day. Alas, I have nothing to really do today as Rick (my supervisor) isn't here. He and I had a conversation yesterday regarding my lack of tasks to keep me busy. He is trying to come up with some new things so I'm not bored. I get things so quickly that he, or anyone else in the office, can't keep up with me.

So I thought -- why not enter a blog --

I am doing well with reading the Book of Mormon though, I should give myself some credit. I have been reading on the way to work and home from work on the bus ride. I have 1/2 hour in the morning and 1 - 1 1/2 hours on the way home. I'm reading about 3 chapters a day and I started in Mosiah, which I don't think I have ever read on my own. Even in Seminary and Institute, I never read on my own, I only read in class. I've never studied the Book of Mormon or any of the scriptures. So now is as good a time as any.

On to new subjects -- I am moving in April to a new home,my current roommates are both moving out because the lease is done and Rachel is getting married and Jen is graduating and moving to Berkeley. The new place is closer to work and much nicer than the place I'm in now. My room is a great sized room with my own FULL bathroom and my own heater, double closets. It has new carpets and nicely painted walls, a new kitchen, is on a QUIET street -- no more Fire trucks at 3:00am-- and with roommates my age -- YEAH!!!!!

Their names are Heather and Joy, Heather is a member and Joy is still thinking about it, she is trying to find a Christian Church to join where she feels welcome and a part of the congregation. I don't know if she has actually been to church with Heather, but maybe when I get there we can go together. Also, I think I may change wards and go with Heather to the family ward she attends. She says their are a group of single adults in her ward and that would be so nice to finally make some friends who are keepers.

I'm going to the Dentist tomorrow to get my teeth cleaned and get my filling re-done. Also going to get X-Rays to find out how much it will cost to get my wisdom teeth removed. I'm hoping they can just pull them instead of having to put me under. I might still go to see a Dentist I have in my ward, Dr. Alex Mathiessen, he is with UCLA Dental Care and he might be able to just extract them for me. We'll see what happens, I just really want them out !!!!

That's all for now --


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