Wednesday, June 6, 2007


So, I think of you all the time, can’t seem to clear your image.
I wonder if you’d want to know me the way I want to know you.
It seems so crazy the way I obsess.
The voices keep you going, keep you alive.
Will they ever die, will you ever go away?

It keeps me from living, from breathing on my own.
Somehow, I’m still here even without you.
 Can you breathe without me?
Of course you can, I don’t affect you the same as you do me.

You haven’t seen me; you don’t know me at all.
You see, we’ve never met except in my head.
If we were in the same room, would you notice me at all?
I doubt it, I blend to easy, no different than all the rest.

I hope this doesn’t scare you, but I admire everything you do.
I wish I knew you, then, maybe I could get you out of my head.

Maybe you would disappear from my thoughts, my dreams.

Or maybe you’d love me.Maybe tonight when I dream, you won’t be there
and I can wake up happy, instead of in a state of
longing for someone I can't have -- could never have.

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