Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Weekly Appreciations ...

i love the smell of: pecan pie. I bought scented candled and that sweet goodness radiates through my apartment. It’s wonderful and reminds me of home!

i love the sound of: my heater coming on. It’s getting colder here in LA at night and having it come on in the morning is just wonderful!

i love the taste of: hot chocolate. A warm cup of cocoa just screams winter and makes me so happy I’m not in the Great White North this year!

i love the feel of: a new haircut. You know that feeling of freshly cut, clean hair. The way it slides through you figures – I really love that!

i love the sight of: clear blue sky. In Canada in the winter it means a really cold day. Here in LA -- it just means a sunny, beautiful, clear day.

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