Friday, August 8, 2008

So much for .... updating often!

I've been so crazy busy that I have absolutely neglected this poor blog.

Here are some simple updates:

Started new contract job: LTK Enginerring as a Contracts Administrator.

Geting new Roommate: Tara Friis.

Becoming MORE social: I'm going out tonight to a friend's acoustic show.

Temple: I finally bought my packet and I'm exicted to use it ... often!

Life in General: I AM HAPPY!!!!! - I don't think I've ever really been able to say that! and it feels GREAT!!

Here's the thing - I haven't really changed anything. True, I have some new people on the friend list, but it's like things are going in a nice happy path and I LOVE it! I have nothing to complain about and maybe the fact that I'm NOT complaining and keeping a positive attitude, is why I feel so Great.

It's so nice to feel hapy, I hope I don't lose this feeling!

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