Thursday, May 6, 2010

So I didn't find Prince Charming but .....

I did go to the doctor finally regarding my feet issues. They have been swollen since I started this job here at Occidental Petroleum (Oxy). We ruled out Thyroid issues and he put me on diuretic medication. I started today, so we will see what happens. He also thinks it may be Diabetes Type 2, I have to back for a Glucose test in a couple of weeks.

Sidenote: I am typing this without looking at my fingers!!! Yay ME!!! I'm finally learning how to type and I 'm getting better - although I still use the back button -- but less often!

Back to it: Also started working for the US Census Board doing Enumeration (counting people) so far so good! I'm hoping it will help me to loose some weight and get me back in better shape.

As for the Conference -- it was OK, but my poor feet were hurting so much I didn't have much fun at all. The Sunday sacrament was interesting -- they talked A LOT about not getting down on yourself for being single and lowering your expectations. Which for me wasn't really an issue - just kiddin'! I know I'm awesome and I need someone who not only realizes that but can be OK with it! NO! Love IT!!

I am a daughter of GOD and will not settle for a man who doesn't know it and doesn't treat me that way!! It's funny, I've been in the Young Women's now for just over a year and I teach these amazing young girls all the things I keep forgetting!! Maybe that's why I'm charged with teaching them!

I need to do better though -- I am not perfect and I know it : )

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