Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anxiety ... Win or Lose? Is it worth it??

I am so tired it's just isn't funny anymore!

I was put in charge of the food and decoration for an annual dinner our stake holds for the High Priests and senior sisters. Not a small undertaking but still doable for me. However, I can't stop thinking about all the details before I try to retire each night for the last 2 weeks! My brain keeps coming up with new ways of doing things, even tough the last idea was awesome! Now I appreciate that I have this talent of seeing things in my head as they shold appear in reality, don't get me wrong. I just wish I could stop the process right before bed! I have a hard enough time getting to sleep as it is. Granted these ideas are fantastic and achieveable, they come in waves and don't stop until 4:00 in the morning and when you need to get up for work at 6:00am, that's not alot of sleep! I plan to take pictures so there is evidence of my sleepness nights and their worth. I've got a great team of helpers: Kitchen: Victor Vaile & Mariya Ivanushkina (Roommate) and for decor and set up: Christ Snyder and a team of Mid-Singles from the Stake, so the day of should be a breeze, it's just the Prep work that's killing my sleep patterns.

This experience proves to me I should be an event planner, I must say God gave me a talent that I very rarely get to use because I don't show it off!

Can I boast for a minute??
Favorite Talents:
1. Singing and Performing
2. Organization and Planning and Execution
3. Cooking and Baking, Altering and Customizing as well!
4. Humilty!!!!
5. I must also include my craftiness -- in all it's definitions!!

Just kidding about that last one, but only a little. I think part of the reason no one knows of my other talents is becasue I don't speak up or defend myself . This will go one my resume as volunteer work, I think ~ ) Remember when we plaaned and executed that fashion show?? We were awesome, why didn't we take that and make it a career?? They say to find someting you love and make it a career, well here we are at 37 1/2 years old, still doing working a job that is not only not fun, but is something we don't reaaly like!!! We need to choose us and not settle -- quit settling!!

Enough ranting :)

On another subject: I have been going to Physical Therapy for my shoulders, neck and upper back ...  finally! It's basically massage and bone adjustment but it's working. I'm not in as much pain and it's quite relaxing, which is nice!

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