Monday, June 21, 2010

A Dedication to my Father ....

My Dad is an awesome dad. We haven't always gotten along or seen eye to but I love him so much! I am so blessed to have him and to get to be his daughter. He loves me without condition or limit. He has helped me in so many ways I couldn't count them. Even with all I put him though - he has never disowned me! I know if I ever need anything He will help me figure it out!

Here are just some of my memories for my Dad, some great .... some not enjoyed by all parties :)


-- renovating the farm house - my love of design & building things comes from you - thank you

-- early morning chores - as much I dispised them then - I am now  morning person - thank you

-- weeding and nuturing the garden - I now have a thriving herb box garden on balcony- thank you

-- my love of cooking come from watching you, & teaching me how to budget -- I never could have taken on the High Priest Dinner and feeling confident in my abilities without you - thank you

-- in the garage - trying to teach me about cars, changing oil, a tire, checking the fluids - niether one of us having any fun - guess what! I still learned it! I know how to check fluids and change tires and I've done it! So Thank you!!!

-- the tractor fiasco?? I learned about listening and cluches, well how NOT to use them! What a harrowing experience that was!

-- when I walked home from the field -- I think my love of walking started that day!

-- my Eighteenth birthday at Trevi's -- That is one of my favortite birthday's!!

-- If I ever play the lottery and win -- it all goes to you -- I owe you so much!!!

--  the day I went through the temple - I remember coming through the veil and seeing you - I was so grateful we finally got there!!

Thank you for teaching me, loving me, being such a great example for me and wanting so much for me! I could never express how much you've taught me and how important you are to me!!! I have a hard time saying -- which I think I also got from you :) so ... Here it is -- I LOVE YOU!

~ Sherrilyn

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