Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day OR another busy Sunday!!!

So yesterday was Father's Day, the day was ridiculous .... in a good way! I was so happy to have had a great sleep - Heavenly Father really came through!!! I needed it after the Dinner and Party! So the Young Women sang in sacrament  - "I Walk By Faith" - They were Awesome!!! They really such amazing girls and so willing to do whatever I ask them to do!

Church was great, as expected - really good talks by Trina Talbot and Justin Dick, as well as Bro. Chris Haynes. Trina spoke about the importance Father's who are around us in place of our own and all the potential fathers. It was a really great talk. Justin spoke mainly to the guys about the responsibility of being a father, being the teacher and the priesthood holder in the home. Bro. Haynes spoke about being a father and what an amazing blessing  and responsibly it is. The rest of the meetings were great also. After all the church, I went home for a few hours, called Dad and left him a message -- he was out - hopefully having all kinds of fun!

At around 6:00 pm, we then headed out to Trina's for Diner's Club. Mariya brought steaks for everyone and I brought all the leftovers from the H. P. Dinner - there was so much ham leftover. We had a great, filling dinner and great conversation. A great group: Trina, Mariya, Dan, Robert Cheatham, Scott Katchke, Kenrick Carrera, Ryan Muir, Travis Morgan, & me! Leslie Ragland was supposed to come but stayed home with a fever instead - poor girl -- she ran herself ragged this last week ;(

After we finished eating and conversating, we left and went to the other Diner's Club at Chris and Victor's place. More great company there and even better conversating. I have such great friends and I'm so grateful for them, I really am blessed! Got home about 11:30pm.

This morning I feel blessed and happy!

~ Rylinn

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