Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So I feel much Better....

I changed my hours to 10am - 2pm so in case I can't sleep until 4am,  I can still get so sleep!

So the dinner is going to be AWESOME!!!! I did a schedule for the setup, the kitchen and the dinner service!! I feel so much better about this. Wanna see what I did today?

Working Papers

Cost Comparision

EVOO & Honey

Garlic Prepped

Garlic Honey Dipped

Garlic Oiled Up


Now for the Grilled Onions

Holy Cow!! That's A Lot Of Onions!!!

Sweatin' Out the Water

Grillin' & Done!

This house smells SO good right now! I love it and I feel so productive : }
I 'm a Happy Girl!!!

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