Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Frustrated & Does Walking for Lunch count?

Yesterday, I went for a walk for 20 minutes at lunch in Westwood where I work. The area has terrible sidewalks and is very hilly (is that a word?) So I am counting that as my workout, as my calf muscles were really feeling it and my heartrate was up at a good pace. Although, I ate really badly yesterday -- Burger King for lunch and leftover pizza for dinner! Maybe today will be better, actually probably not as I am getting a root canal tonight after work and will be on a liquid diet for the night! ARRG! I can not seem to get started -- maybe this week wasn't the best time to do this! Life seems to be getting in my way here -- also I couldn't get to sleep again last night until 2:00am! I really don't understand what the problem is. I am proud of myself for getting up any way and getting my tried butt to work at least ... YAY for me!

So maybe tomorrow will be better, I have a massage at 5:00pm, so I maybe I will run before that 'cause a massage will feel great after that! I'll see how I feel :-) I should do some laundry tonight as well.

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