Monday, July 26, 2010

Ice Cream and a Workout Update ...

So I made Ice Cream but didn't take any pictures. I will tell you it tastes Awesome!! I made the Chocolate Coconut recipe but I forgot the sugar ... truth is though you can't tell and it tastes great. I think because it has Giradelli Cocoa with Chocolate and the Coconut milk all the natural sugars made up for the missing ingredient! It may have been too sweet any way! YUM!!!

Workout update: So I was feeling good yesterday morning, not too sore at all just a little in my inner thighs muscles. Not bad at all! I will do another tonight after I get home from work. I thought I would try this morning but I didn't get to sleep until 1:30am, so getting up earlier was more than a struggle and I have time tonight -- so tonight it is!
This morning I feel good and I anticipate feeling better after my walk/jog tonight. Also, I was thinking about my route, I think I ma going to literally run around my block. If I go north to south there is a slight decline which might be nice and the sidewalk is much smoother with less obsticles. Kind of looking forward to it!

Side Note: ~ it seem every Sunday I straighten my hair I can't get to sleep. It's weird! I don't really understand it except that my hair feels heavier than normal and isn't as pliable. I actually got up, finally, and wet it down and ran some conditioner through it. I went right to sleep. I must remember this so I don't have to toss and turn trying to sleep :(

More tomorrow .....

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