Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just a note ...

Yesterday, I had a pretty good day. Worked, grocery shopped, started dinner, went for a massage, finished making dinner, ate dinner, finished watching Fringe, Season 1 (love this show by the way!!!!) -- overall a pretty good day! However, my thoughts to today are ... how come I'm by myself in doing ALL of this?? I'm feeling lonely a little, like I want someone to share it with, someone to cook for, someone to watch Fringe with! I don't miss my past relationships at all but I do miss having a companion to talk to, share with and cuddle with. I live kind of a lonley life, sure I have roommates but it is not the same! I think my main reason for wanting to get healthy and back in shape is so someone will want me. I know it isn't the best reason and I should be satisfied with what The Lord blesses me with but sometimes I'm NOT. I feel bad for thinkning it, let alone writing it down but it is how I feel!! ~ ~ just needed to say that. I'm sure feel beeter tomorrow :-)

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