Friday, November 26, 2010

The Holidays are officially here!!!

Just put up the Tree and the Door Wreath.

  Pretty Huh????

Thanks Giving .... and other craziness!!

So yesterday I hosted a Thanks Giving Dinner at the apartment for the Ward and friends. 
It came off without any hitches, fires or fiascoes!! I had about 15 people and leftovers. 
The Bishop provided a Marie Calendar's Turkey dinner and ALL the fixings, which was great. 
I don't eat Turkey, so I made a Ginger Orange Ham. 
I also made sweet potatoes, improved the gravy, cranberries 
and 'cause I don't eat Pumpkin pie either,
I bought a honey pecan chocolate tart form Trader's Joe's. 
I attempted to make Apple Pie, twice, and lost the battle. 
The First one would have worked if I didn't put orange juice it! 
The Second one didn't work because I don't know!! 
The top crust cracked open and the bottom crust just didn't cook at all!

Apple Pie is HARD!!!! I will try again later when the pressure is off.
It was fun and tiring and educational!

Monday, November 8, 2010