Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I thought I should start the year off right and post some thoughts.

I've been thinking a lot lately about change. I kind of afraid of it sometimes, and don't always embrace like I would like to. Last Sunday, Annelise gave a lesson on the importance of change and some steps for doing it 'right'. I only got to get the handout, because I had to race to Young Women's, as we had changed schedules this year. We had a hard time figuring out where we were suposed to be!! I ended up teaching a very quick lesson on Who God is and how we can recognize Him in our lives. Any way, it got me thinking about it. I usally don't make resolutions, but this year there are some things I would like to improve on, like my typing ability -- for instance!

So here is a quick list of 'self-improvements / changes' I would like to make this year:

1. I want to Pray / Write in a journal once a day -- even if nothing really happened. I would like to log my activities each day.
2. I want to Read my scriptures, at some point in the day, everyday. Whether reading the Sunday School lesson or the Book of Mormon, I what to read everyday!
3. I want to Learn to Enjoy Excersing. I want to walk for a least 30 minutes per day, not including shopping!
4. I want to Be healthy inside and out! I want to eat less sugary foods & more fruits and vegetables.
5. I want to Be more obedient to the teachings of Christ and need less forgiving!
6. I want to Watch less TV. I know this one will be the hardest for me, but maybe with all these other things keeping me occupied, I can accomplish this one!

I really think these are improvements I can accomplish. I'm going to amke this list pretty when I get home and post it on my bulletin board so I see it everyday!

Wish me Luck!