Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wow!! It's been a while .... Update

Well -- it's been since April that a posted and that wasn't even really that awesome! So I will try better this time. I started a new job last Friday, May 20th, at Capital Group Investments as a contract Front Desk Administrator. So far it's a good job, it pays well and the people are nice. Although I'm a little bored because all I'm doing so far is answering the phone and responding to emails but I hope it will get better after my Security Clearance clears. In other news -- I am still the Personal Progress Leader for the Westdale II Ward, no longer Choir Director -- Yaya, kind of happy about that one! Roommates: One is Awesome, listens, follows my crazy requests for cleanliness and keeps to herself mostly, the other does as well but has little smell issue -- she very rarely does laundry and isn't the cleanest person ever, but she mostly stays in her room when she is home, but also travels quite often and is away for weeks at a time -- so not so bad! I'm going to start my boxing class again in a few weeks which I'm really excited about 'cause the girl needs some weight loss!!!  Things are really good in general. I've got good friends, income and a great calling -- all around I can't complain :)