Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Haircut and maybe some venting .....

So since I cut bangs ... I thought I would just go all the way the & get 2 1/2" cut off
and get some graduated layers put in. 

The Results ........

Really cute, right???
I love it and if I do say so myself ..... I love pretty awesome for 39!!!!

Venting ..... Church was a great, we had Sister Allred from the R.S. Presidency speak to our ward and the MSA's today -- that was wonderful!! After church was a whole other story though!
As you may or may not know, I am the choir director for our ward. With this calling comes many smiles, beautiful sounds and a lot of headaches, many in the form of finding a room to hold a rehearsal in!
Today was like every other time! 

Question -- Why would the Lord and His presidency ask for choirs to be organized in His Church and then not provide, said choir, a room of their own to hold rehearsals in, have cupboards for music and, of course, have a regularly tuned piano???? My frustration grows every week. For those of you out there who only have two, 2,  wards meeting at your building - this may not be a problem, but for us we have four, 4, wards meeting in our building, so RS, PH, Primary rooms and the Chapel are all otherwise occupied. 

So where exactly should the choir have their rehearsals???

Sorry, that's enough, just needed to get it out of my head! Thanks for listening :)

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