Monday, March 26, 2012

Stake Conference & Senior General Authorities

So we had our Ward Conference yesterday. The choir sang two numbers, Come Unto Him, Dan Carter & Come Follow Me, Kenneth Cope. They did such a great job and I was worried. We only had 3 real rehearsals - but it all came together as it always does! 

The real reason I'm writing about it is - We get to host a couple of Senior General Authorities (they won't tell us who, though). 

So President Keeler asked us, the ward, to invite our less-active members in our boundaries. 
They gave us invitations to take to two brothers, Samantha and I are going later this week to 'drop' by and invite them.

So I, being as awesome as ever, decided to mail the invites with a short note as well:

I know, kinda boastful, but I thought I'd share! 
 Hopefully they come and enjoy the spirit that will definitely be there! 

Also, Christine and family may be here that Sunday too! Yay, awesome!

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