Thursday, August 29, 2013

Letter to My 17yr old Self

Dear Rylinn,

Life is hard right now. It seems out of control, seems like everyone and everything is against you. You’ve just lost your mother, your father is in a place of confusion and you feel abandoned by both. It seems like your friends don’t know how to be around you – you feel so alone. You are not! You have so many people who love you and care about you’re well being. They may not know how to approach you in this time of loss and turmoil, but you have not been left alone. Remember, your heavenly Father and your Brother Jesus Christ, especially now – they love you so much and want to hear from you. Try to keep strong to your faith, no matter what else – keep that spirit strong. You will find that even in the darkest times they will be a source of light and knowledge and comfort in this pain you feel.

She didn’t leave you, it wasn’t her choice to go; she was done here and was chosen to go home. Your Dad will come around and he will realize the mistakes he made. He will ask for your forgiveness and you will give to him, it will take time, searching, and understanding but you will have a good relationship with him and you will love him! I know that seems impossible right now but trust me it will happen! You will both come to love and appreciate each other. He will remarry and you will have a great friend in her – she loves us so much, as if we were her own.

We have become strong and powerful in ourselves. We are confident! We are successful and happy, really happy! Life is not always easy but we have the tools and resiliency to pick ourselves every time! We know who we are and we are not intimated by anyone because we don’t need to be.  We are liked by everyone we meet; we see the good in them and they in us. We have best girl friends that are like sisters for us, who love us and keep us looking forward.

Just hold on – it’s gets better. This is such a small moment in the expanse of time - just a flicker. I look back on it now and wonder why I couldn’t realize this; see it for what it was – a lot of learning experiences. You are be molded and rebuilt and you come out beautifully!

You become the butterfly!