Monday, October 27, 2008

Hallow's Eve '08

I went to a Halloween Dance/Activity on Friday night. I haven’t been to one in a few years and I actually dressed up!
My costume could be many things:
A Hollywood Starlet going to the Oscars,
What I would have worn to Prom if our school had one, OR
What do you think?

It was a fun night. I went with my friends Annelise LeCheminant and Sandra Gierisch, met Lisa Rogers, also in the photo above. I saw friends I haven’t seen in many months, Ben, Lincoln, Kennrick and Kelly. I danced a little. It wasn’t like any of the dances I’ve been to before though. It was weird and slightly uncomfortable, but still fun. I played ‘Rock Band’ with Ben, Annelise, Sandra and Stephanie, which was more fun than I anticipated. I was pretty good for never having played before! It was a late night . . . home by 2:30am and in bed at 3:00am.
It took a little while to take my hair back down!
All in All it was fun! I really need to socialize more and get to know MORE people better. I want to always have something going on the weekend, I need to be more active!

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