Monday, November 3, 2008

I've been missing my Dad

The last couple of days, he's been on my mind pretty consistantly, maybe because I've been blogging about my past.
Any way, I was browsing around on a comic site and found this
< -- and it completely reminded me of Hockey Night in Canada (Saturday night) at our house. During hockey season, every Satuarday night or afternoon my Dad would sit down in his rocker/recliner and 'watch' his game. Now, 'watch' is in quotes because after about 10 minutes into the game, my Dad would proceed to fall asleep. He would recline the rocker and snore so loudly you could hear him outside with the windows closed! AND every time, my sister and I, sometimes my Mom, would 'try' to change the channel only to wake him up in protest that he was 'watching that!' I sent my Dad this comic and a note reminding him of these times and he replied: He doesn't watch hockey anymore, now he goes fishing out with the boat! I'm sure, however, on Suday afternoons after church, he still falls asleep in his chair and complains if someone turns off the TV. It's his lullaby or his background noise.
Geesh, I wondered were I got that!

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