Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Proposition 8 and the Definition of Marriage ...

I will most likely never write about poltics again here, because I just don't. However, today California had a huge victory regarding protecting the Definition of Marriage as God intended - between one man and one woman.
This proposition has really torn apart our state. Family values and religion shouldn't be defined by government, it should stay defined by God. Today, I saw a very distrubing commerical posted on youtube ( ). It deplicts two missionaries knocking on a door and say they are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They tell the lesbian couple “we are here to take away your rights.”
They enter the house, take away the women’s rings, and ransack their home looking for their marriage license. Finding it, they tear it up.
At the close of the commercial, the missionaries walk away, saying “that was too easy, yeah, what should we ban next?”

This almost brought me to tears. We Latter-Day Saints have never been disrespectful of anyone's right to choose, even if we don't agree, we believe in freedom of choice above all. It saddens me that someone could come up with something so hurtful and I wonder if they really thought about what it would do. Did they think it would change the minds of the voters? In fact, by the comments on the video posting, the exact opposite is happening. The comments are a range of "the makers of this commerical are bigots and are untrufully deplicting the Mormon religion" to "do your research next time and you'll find out the Mormons would never do such a thing!" I'm happy that Proposition 8 - Protect Marriage passed and the definition of marriage is going to be changed back to the original text.

I may have a different view on the subject than people think - I believe in the right to choose, I believe couples who are gay should be able to have the same basic rights as everyone else, as common law partners and get married under law instead of religion. I believe the churches of this world, especially LDS temples should NOT be forced to perform marriages for those who do not abide by the religious standards and values upheld within that sect. I do not believe it should be taught in schools to children, it is something which should be taught in homes. Schools are not allowed to quote the Lord's Prayer and have no right to teach our precious youth about reilgous subjects. We can't even tell someone Merry Christmas without being told we're being facist. "Christmas Season" is now called "The Holiday Season". How much more tolerant of others do we need to be when our belief's are not tolerated? What are people celebrating for if they don't believe in Christ? It's a celebration of his birthday. I don't recognize people's birthday's I don't know. Why are they? Sometimes I wish Christ's birthday was more like Hannuka and wasn't a stolen day by the Commerical and Advertising Agencies. It is a scared day for me.

I just makes me really sad! God is being forgotten by the souls he created! I'm glad I'm not following suit! God is in my every day, every thought, every breath! I thank him for my understanding of tolerance and love and I hope that I may do even better!

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